Living Room Refresh

Hi Everyone,

Something you may not know about me is that I love change. I get bored really easily and I love changing things up. I was really bored with the way my apartment looked. I was contemplating moving my furniture around for weeks in both my living room and bedroom. I have been buying things here and there to spruce up the place now that I have more money in my pocket and have been making my home really “home-y”.

I finally bit the bullet and was determined to move my living room furniture around on Friday night. I moved the couch from in front of the windows to on a blank wall so I could decorate behind the couch. I moved the TV from that wall where the couch now is to the wall next to the doorway. I am now left with blank space under the windows where I want to put a storage bench. Right now I have a table with a lamp and a photo on it but its still a little too empty for my liking.

I went to Hobby Lobby (the best place on earth) and found the cutest sign with a quote from Sweet Home Alabama on it on sale for $24. I couldn’t leave the store without it and had the perfect idea of what I wanted to do with it in my living room. Then I went to Michael’s on a hunt for a big wall clock to hang up next to it. I found the perfect clock… the original price tag was $80.00 but you bet your bottom dollar I had a 60% off coupon! Luckily I ran into Justin’s cousin in the store and she gave me the coupon that saved me $48! I basically stole the clock at only $32.00 😉

I knew I had to finish off the wall with something under the “So I Can Kiss You Anytime I Want” sign. I found these super cute wood panels with milk bottles attached to them on sale for $10 each at Michael’s. I had some fake white sunflowers at home already that I wanted to put in them to give the wall a farmhouse yet floral accent piece.

There was one more thing I needed to do. I absolutely had to change the color scheme of my living room. The grey and yellow was not cutting it for me anymore. I found these super big and fluffy pillows at Marshall’s for $12 each, and a pink blanket that matched perfectly for $16. I knew that was exactly what my couch needed. My lovely sister gave me the grey and white sweater throw blanket for Christmas this year which was a great contrast to the couch and the pink.


I went to a bridal shower in September where I won this mason jar with tea lights centerpiece as a prize and I had no where to put it as I had something on my coffee table already. But with this cozy farmhouse theme I have going on it was the perfect fit for my grey hand stained coffee table that I made this summer. Along with a picture of my friends and I in a white washed picture frame, the living room was complete.


I could not be happier with my living space right now. It’s exactly what I needed to do to make my apartment feel like home. I didn’t have to break the bank either, everything I bought was on sale! I only spent $116 on the whole room and it honestly looks completely different.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my wild weekend redoing my living room!


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