Save Money Buying Shoes!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being so MIA. Having school on top of work leaves me with little free time to blog!

Today I wanted to touch on a hack to buying new sneakers. I wear sneakers every day so I run through them like crazy and find myself looking for a new pair all the time. Since I am always ballin’ on a budget (#CollegeStudentLife) I try to find the cheapest way to buying cool shoes. This may be an obvious tip for some of you, but I only recently realized it was possible to…

…buy kids sneakers! All of the brands you know and love (Nike, Adidas, etc.) have the same/similar sneakers for so much cheaper than adult sizes! All you have to do is subtract 1.5 sizes from your adult size and you will get your size in kids. For example, I am a Women’s 8 and I buy a kids 6.5. If you are a 6 in Women’s, you will be a 4.5 in kids.

I just bought the Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Ultimate Boys’ Sneakers in a 6.5 for only $60.00 (shipping included) and if I bought them in Women’s it would have been $85.00 (plus shipping & handling). It might not be a massive chunk of change that you’re saving, but an extra $25 bucks is a tank of gas for me which is great! Earlier in the year I bought kids’ Nike Roshe’s for $50.00 instead of $80.00.

I hope this was helpful to some of you that maybe have not known about buying kids shoes instead of adults. I’m always on the lookout for tips on saving money and budgeting when it comes to treating myself and buying clothing/shoes. What are some of your favorite tips to saving money while shopping? Let me know in the comments!


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