I did it!! 

OK hiiiiiii! 

So sorry I’ve been MIA. Since the start of school I have honestly just been nonstop on the go and busy. I was inspired to write today because of the best message I received in my Instagram DMs. 

My day was made around 5:30PM Saturday when I got a message from a girl that goes to my college. Apparently she follows my blog posts and told me she gets super excited to read them because she can relate to them! I was all OMG PEOPLE RELATE TO THIS THING??? She proceeded to say that I give her motivation to eat better, budget, and to be a good student. She finds my posts inspiring and noted that she feels like she isn’t alone going through life since she has similar circumstances. 

This was obviously unexpected, but seriously made me feel so incredible. I was very skeptical about sharing my life on the internet before I started my blog a few months ago. Today made me really happy I did. Even though I don’t have a large following on here yet, I know there are a lot of people that read my blogs via my social media since I share my posts on there. 

My goal of this blog was to share my stories, and hope to inspire at least one person. Well today, I achieved my goal and feel so much fulfillment. 

So THANK YOU to all that read, share, comment and reach out to me about my blogs! I appreciate each and every one of you. You are the reason I still do this. 


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