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My thoughts going into my last semester of college

Hi everyone, and happy September!

How did this summer go by so fast? If you live in Upstate NY, you know it hasn’t felt like summer for the majority of this season. I am here to welcome the fall season (my favorite) with open arms. Bring on the pumpkin spice and fall fashion!

As my summer comes to a close once again, I am having my pre-semester anxiety. This time it is for many different reasons than previous semesters. I have 18 credits (6 classes, one semester) left until I graduate college with a Bachelor’s in Media and Communications with a minor in Marketing. Looking back on the first six semesters of school I am happy to say that this nightmare of a college experience is finally almost over. Almost.

As relieved as I am that I know what I’m doing post-graduation, I am still anxious about this semester. I have my job at Studco that I’ll be working part time for the next 3-4 months while I finish up my degree. The problem: my bosses and I are all used to me working full time with a full time work load. We are all struggling to understand how me working part time is going to work. With an overloaded semester of coursework ahead, Working my scheduled 22 hours at the office is already going to be hard for me. Luckily, two of my six classes are online, meaning I won’t have to be in a physical classroom as much, but that doesn’t mean there is any less work that goes into online classes.

Another problem: I am totally fine with working from home more often but I never get paid when I do that, it just makes my days in the office easier and less hectic. With the minimal money I am getting by working 22 hours a week, I would love to get paid when I do spend a few hours working from home. But how will my bosses know that I am actually working if I am using my personal computer? I have yet to ask if I can be compensated for this, but for as resilient of a person I am, I’m still extremely afraid of rejection and feeling stupid.

Other than work related anxiety, I am feeling a little anxious knowing that my student life is officially ending so soon. I am afraid that I didn’t choose the right major, or choose the right career path. How do I know if I’ve made the right decisions? 

I absolutely despise school, which is why I am determined to not have to go back to get a different degree if I end up not loving my current career path. It’s hard to make the right decisions at age 17 while your high school English teacher helps you write your college essay and submit applications to schools you’re not sure are right for you. That being said, I can’t blame myself, or anyone else for that matter, for making mistakes along the way. But the thought of starting over again and funneling money into another degree makes me gag.

At the end of the day, I know I’ll miss Fisher a little bit. I’ve made some amazing friends and memories over the past three years that I will cherish forever. I’ll probably miss being a student a little bit too. I am not excited for the student loan payments to come my way, and also not excited to sit at a desk for 45 hours a week. But hey, that’s life right?

I am so ready to graduate and embrace any and all opportunities that present themselves. I’m ready to continue “adulting” and starting another chapter in my life. Here’s to the beginning of the end! One more semester… I got this! 



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