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The Story of Winston: The Mystery Puppy

Hello Beautiful People!

Today I wanted to talk about my puppy Winston. You’ve probably seen me mention him on my blogs a few times. I am literally obsessed with him. He is my first born child and everything I could have ever wanted in my life.

So let’s rewind to the end of March. Justin and I were talking about how we wanted to get a puppy when he returned to Rochester after he graduated college. Of course this gives me the idea to get Justin a puppy for a graduation present. Genius.

That was my plan from that day forward. I looked at puppies that whole week and found a Border Collie puppy named Chief for adoption in the Niagara Falls area. If you’ve ever adopted a puppy, especially from a different city, you know this is a lot of back and forth with phone calls, emails and references, etc. Thinking that this could fall through due to my lack of a vet record, I was still on the hunt for other pups in my area.

I was looking at ads in the newspaper and saw two Beagle/Jack Russel mixes that needed to be “rehomed” (the kind way of saying “I don’t want my puppy anymore”) so naturally, I call the person and we set up a meeting time, I was still set on trying to adopt Chief, but thought that looking at another option wouldn’t hurt.

The person gives me an address in a not-so-good neighborhood of Rochester, so I am thinking I am heading to their house. The address turned out to be a Burger King parking lot. I was beyond confused and there was someone that got out of their car with a puppy in their hands. This puppy was clearly neglected, underfed, scared and shaking its entire eight pound body. This woman with the pup, was obviously not ready to take care of a baby puppy as she could barely take care of herself. She was not fit to have a dog at all.

Taking a step back and looking around at the fact that I was in the slums of Rochester with a woman that had blue hair and no teeth and probably wanted my money for bad reasons, I could absolutely not let this puppy go home with her. It was April 1st, so I had my friends rent money that I needed to deposit in the bank in my wallet. I handed this woman $250 and took the little baby home with me! I called Justin from the car and told him what happened and he was so excited that I saved this puppy from a future that was not looking so bright.


I had no puppy supplies at home so I went directly to the Petco to get everything that I needed. When we got home my nameless puppy was starving and so thirsty. I filled his bowl to the top with food and water and both were gone in the blink of an eye. I filled both up two more times and he finished everything. Clearly, this guy was very malnourished. I felt so bad for him he was so nervous and shaking so much, but after a little while he calmed down. We snuggled the whole rest of the day. I instantly fell in love!

The next day Justin came home to meet our child. Justin’s whole family was so excited, and his sister picked out the name Winston. We loved it and it fit him so perfectly. Winston loved his dad too! I was so excited that Justin got his puppy for an early graduation present! From then on we have loved Winnie with all of our hearts. He had some trust issues and anger issues to start but he grew out of those as he got more comfortable with us within the first month. We signed him up for puppy classes and he graduated with flying colors. Winston is such a good boy!

As the weeks went on it was clear that he was not a Beagle/Jack Russel mix. He was something totally different. A complete mystery puppy. I couldn’t take not knowing anymore so I bought a DNA test for Winston via Wisdom Panel to end my confusion once and for all. After swabbing his cheeks and two weeks of waiting patiently, the results were in! He is 62.5% Beagle, 12.5% West Highland White Terrier, and 25% “mixed breed”. This “mixed breed” is made up of 20 different breeds that were detected! I could not believe it! No one can duplicate Winston’s cuteness! He truly is one of a kind.

I wrote this today because he just got neutered yesterday, and I have been thinking about my little guy. He is in a lot of pain and we feel terrible, but it is best for the dog’s future says the vet. For the next week or so, I can laugh and call him a cone head while he bumps into everything around the house with his e-collar.


I never thought I could love a dog as much as I love Winston. Justin and I truly treat him like he is our child. It would feel so weird not to have him in our lives now. We can’t wait to watch him continue to grow and change into the adult dog Justin and I’s future human children will grow up with! From my little 8 lb starving baby to my 28 lb healthy, happy, energetic little man, I have enjoyed every moment with him!


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