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Gymshark Product Review

Hello Beautiful People!

I was so excited when I came home to a package from Gymshark. A long awaited 10 days of tracking my package all the way from the U.K. to Rochester. I’ve been eyeing Gymshark products for a few years now but could never justify making a purchase. If you know me, you know how I had an obsession with lululemon. Like obsessed. I had so much lululemon gear that there was no way my dresser could fit another pair of workout leggings.

After cleaning out my closet and dressers a couple weeks ago, I could finally justify buying some new clothes. At this same time, Gymshark was having a sale! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

So I finally pulled the trigger and made my purchase. Two pairs of the ever popular Flex Leggings, the Burnout Vest, and the Fit Hoodie. All four of these items came to $133ish. I thought their pricing was on point, especially compared to other companies like lululemon that drained my bank account for years.

My review of these products will be completely honest and I stand by them 100%. (Also, please excuse my poor photography, I’ll get better I promise.)

​​img_1905img_1906I’ll start with the Flex Leggings. I went with the blueberry marl/marine blue color (pictured above) and the light grey marl/sherbet pink (pictured below). I bought a size medium, as I usually do in leggings. That was my first mistake. The Leggings are super long on me and a little bit too big in the waist. I will definitely size down in these in the future. The contouring colors of the leggings is incredible. Makes the booty look amazing as well as your legs! The material is so soft and comfortable. They pass the squat test, meaning they’re not see through when squatting, and they do not ride up and give you a camel-toe. While running they fell a little bit but that is because I purchased the wrong size. The Leggings are not as high waist as I had imaged but that’s OK, they still have a flattering waistline. Overall I would rate these leggings an 8.5/10. I am super picky about leggings so that is an awesome rating!


Got this picture from Gymshark as I couldn’t get a decent picture of the back!

Onto the Burnout Vest. I purchased a size small in this as I usually do in tanks. It fits great! I love the cut out on the chest and the logo on the front of the chest. My favorite part is the subtle Gymshark branding down the back! I like how long this tank is because I like to tie it up and make it a crop top, or leave it long to be more conservative. The material is super soft and lightweight. I would definitely buy this again and honestly give this a 10/10. Absolutely nothing wrong with it! Great job Gymshark.


Lastly, the Fit Hoodie (sorry I didn’t take a picture in this one) This hoodie is a full zip up. I bough a size medium in the color black. I definitely should have sized up in this one. It fits well in the body area but my arms are just a little too tight for my liking. I don’t love the material. It’s not that soft and feels pretty stiff. I like the subtle branding and the cut of the hoodie. It’s a good length and the high neck is great. I like it and will definitely wear it but wouldn’t buy another one. I would rate this hoodie a 6.5/10.

Overall, I am happy with my purchases. My only complaint is that Gymshark does not run true to size for some of their products. You have to go through some trial and error to figure out what size you are in certain products. The quality is great and the material is comfortable. The pieces are very stylish and brings fashion and athletic wear together. The best part of Gymshark is that their pricing is on point. I will definitely be buying more Gymshark clothing in the near future! I recommend that you do too!


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