My Perfect Day

After having a long week of work on top of jet lag from a 14 hour time difference from Rochester, this Saturday I had a perfect day. I went to six different beaches along the Great Ocean Road in Australia, went to an open range zoo in Werribee and to top it all off, I went and hung out with a field full of wild Kangaroo.

At 8:00 am Justin and I were up and ready to take on our first free day in Melbourne. We knew we wanted to go to a beach as it was going to be a relatively warm day, not bathing suit weather, but warm enough to be near the water. We figured we’d go to the Brighton Beach Boxes, a tourist attraction here in Melbourne. 

It was so cool to see all the little sheds lined up so close together and so colorful. We even saw someone painting their doors to their shed a fierce lime green color to contrast the purple that was already on the rest of the box. There were tons of people there doing the exact same thing we were, taking photos and enjoying the beautiful Brighton Beach Area. I decided if I ever move to Australia, I wouldn’t mind living there.

Onto the next activity, we were on the highway to get to Great Ocean Road where we saw a billboard for a zoo just three kilometers ahead. Of course, being the animal lover that I am, I had to stop. It was a great day there because the lion cubs were out. Apparently, they are only out on occasion.  We went on a safari drive on a big bus throughout the zoo and saw so many animals up close. 

We spent a few hours at the zoo, and then we were on the highway again on our journey to The Great Ocean Road. When we finally got there an hour later, we were able to just drive along and stop at any beach we wanted. The views of the water got better and better as we kept driving. We saw a lot of surfers in action which was really cool. We drove along stopping at a beach every five minutes and taking in all the great views. We were way up in the hills so we would look down at the water which made the view even more beautiful.

Something I learned along the way was that trespassing in dangerous areas always leads you to the best views of the ocean. It was truly incredible. As I sat on the edge of a cliff next to Justin, looking down at the beach, in that moment I swear I was the happiest I’ve ever been.

As the sun set we drove home. To top off our day of amazing beach views, we drove past a meadow that had at least 50 grazing Kangaroos! Of course, we pulled over and got out to take pictures. These guys are so cool in person. They’re so muscular, and actually quite graceful when they’re hopping along. They didn’t mind that we were standing there pretty close to them. How many people from Upstate New York can say they were with a ton of Kangaroos? Probably not many! I was so excited.

After all that exploring, we were finally back at our apartment in Kew, and extremely hungry. We went across the street from our apartment and grabbed a bite to eat at BUOY, an Italian eatery. We got a lovely pizza to share, a few drinks and of course, dessert.

This was my perfect day. I never wanted that day to end, and I’ll cherish those memories with Justin forever. I wish I could have taken photos that did any of those beaches justice. It was a beautiful day, and photos can’t capture that.

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