About Me

First things first…

Hi! Welcome to my blog. Who am I? My name is Mackenzi, but no one calls me that, I have a thousand nicknames. I’m 21 years old, Rochester, NY born and raised… unfortunately. I created this blog to document my life because I am not a typical 20-something. This life I live can be a struggle at times, this you will come to know, and I’d like to include you on my journey through my 20’s.

A little background about me: I attend college at St. John Fisher in Rochester, NY. I’m a Media and Communications major with a minor in Marketing. I have one semester left (praise the lord) and I’ll graduate in December of 2017. I do pretty well in school given the little time and effort I dedicate to it. What can I say… I’m a busy lady! I’ve had at least two to three jobs at the same time all throughout college. I provide for myself and have lived on my own since age 18, which nowadays I don’t see people doing quite as often.

I’m overly obsessed with Chipotle and Starbucks drinks. Equally as obsessed with dogs but especially my own fur-baby.I try to be #FitLife as often as I can, and like to eat green things sometimes. I currently work as a Marketing Coordinator at a global construction company located in Webster, NY, where I am an over-achiever, specifically in all things social media related.

I have had the same boyfriend since Sophomore year of High School (it’s been seven years) and he’s wonderful. His name is Justin, and he just graduated from Niagara University. It’s so nice to finally have him back home after four years of living in different cities. He’s my rock, and don’t take that lightly. We have an amazing little puppy baby together, Winston, the 4 month old, 15 pound Beagle/Hound mix I rescued from a Burger King parking lot. Yes, you read that right. That will have to be a separate post.

I have a mother and an older sister, Stephani. Our dad died 4.5 years ago, but I won’t get into that now. Steph just got married in March of 2017 to my awesome brother-in-law, Jamie, who has a huge family that we are all really close with. I’ve always wanted a big family, and I finally have one!

Enough about me. You’ll find out later.

So you’re probably wondering what this blog is going to be about. Well, we’re in the same boat. I am not going to categorize this yet, because my plan here is to just post about things that I feel strongly about. These may include travelling, food, family, friends, work, fitness, relationships, etc. The world may never know, but you will if you follow my journey through life as “Not Your Average 20-Something”.

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